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Fusion 2015

Awesome DHTML Menu Maker!
AWM is an excellent light-weight alternative to the native Fusion Navbar system. Design menus in AWM Pro and then use the free Fusion component to position the menu on your pages.

Beyond Fusion is the Official Fusion Support site for AllWebMenus. 


Click on logo to download Fusion Essentials

Looking for a capable and FREE web design program?

Try out Fusion Essentials. When you need a more robust and capable program, come back and upgrade to Fusion 2015!

Note: Fusion Essentials must be run as Administrator on Vista and Win7 and 8.

How to do Everything with Fusion 11 

The BEST (and only) book covering Fusion 11
(and most Fusion 12 and above features).

Need a flexible, extensible, multi-user
secure database login system?

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Requires PHP and a MySQL database

We provide a 3 page Fusion template and instructions and the necessary PHP code and MySQL database schema.

Fusion 10 and above versions available

AllWebMenus by Likno

Version 5.3 Pro!

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Download FREE AWM Fusion Component

AWM Pro v5.3 Build 940
(September 9, 2014)

Download AWM

Download AWM Fusion Component
NOF 7.5 and above (v1.3.4)



Registered AWM 4.2 Pro or above

Web Modal Windows Builder

Download Web Modal Windows Builder

v2.2 Build 276 September 17, 2014)

Web Tooltips Builder

v2.1 Build 232 (August 27, 2014)

Web Tabs Builder

Download  Web Tabs Builder

v2.1 Build 226 (January 16, 2014)

Web Accordion Builder

Download Web Accordian Builder

v2.1 Build 240 (May 23, 2014)

Web Scroller Builder

Download Web Scroller Builder

v2.1 Build 150 (October 30, 2014)

The Likno "Builder" series programs provide a user-friendly interface (GUI) to the popular jQuery open source library, that  allows you to create stylish, feature-rich javascript features for your web pages, with minimal effort and coding.

All jQuery modal windows, tooltips, tabs and accordions are cross-browser and work alike in all browsers.

Demo versions of AllWebMenus cannot save menus. Purchase to Unlock.

Come back here to download the latest build and update your AWM installation.

Important Note: AWM Pro 5.x.x, requires the use of the version of the free Fusion component found above and the recompiling and republishing of menus. This component is fully Fusion 8 thru 2013 Toolbar compliant (backward compatible with Fusion 7.5).

Wrensoft - Zoom Search Engine

Tutorial - Using with Fusion

Want to add a search function to your site? WrenSoft Zoom is the answer. Zoom Search Engine is a Windows application that indexes your site and stores the results offline. See Version 5.1 features list here. New Version 6.0 is now available.

Try out the FREE edition. It may be all you need. Or, purchase the Standard or Professional edition.  See edition comparison here.

Download the free version (4.0). If you wish to upgrade to one of the paid versions, download the latest release from WrenSoft and come back to this page and purchase the appropriate license key. The free version you downloaded will have its capabilities expanded by the key.





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Beyond Fusion

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Works with Fusion 2015

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